Drop In and Learn – Videostreamed Lifelong Learning

Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the Teen Lounge
Free and open to the community, all welcome, no reservations needed.

Currently in progress – “DEBUNKING JEWISH STEREOTYPES”
6-part lecture series by Professor Howard Lupovitch
originally presented at Beth Ahm in July 2017

November 1 – “Shylock: The Jewish Affinity for Business”
November 8 – “All Jews are Communists / All Communists are Jews”
November 15 – “The Jewish Mother”
November 22 – No session due to Thanksgiving holiday
November 29 – “Jews and the Media”

Beginning in December – “The Jews of Sepharad” – 13-part video lecture series by Professor Henry Abramson

December 6 – “The Ancient Origins of Sephardic Jewry”
December 13 – “Sephardic Jewry and the Muslim Conquest of 711”
December 20 – “Who Was Hasdai ibn Shaprut?”
December 27 – “Who Was Shmuel Ha-Nagid?”
January 3 – “Who Was Yehuda Ha-Levi?”
January 10 – “Who Was Abraham ibn Ezra?”
January 17 – “Who Was Shlomo ibn Gabirol?”
January 24 – “Who was Bahya ibn Pakuda?”
January  31 – “Who Was Abraham Zacuto?”
February 7 – “Who Was Abraham Seneor?”
February 14 – “Who Was Don Isaac Abrabanel?”
February 21 – “Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?”

Throughout the year we videostream material from many sources of excellent online lifelong Jewish learning, including JTS, Jewish Review of Books, Pardes, Shalom Hartman Institute, and Mechon Hadar, as well as lectures by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Professor Henry (Hillel) Abramson, Professor Howard Lupovitch, and others.

Weekday entrance to Beth Ahm building – To attend our learning group, use the glass door overlooking the east parking lot and the Woll Memorial Bible Garden. Take steps from parking lot or, for barrier-free entry, start at main entrance canopy and use sidewalk to the glass door. Use buzzer on left to alert the office to your presence, and staff will unlock left door electronically so you can enter.

For more info, including schedule of upcoming lecture topics and teachers, call Nancy Kaplan 248-737-1931, text 248-390-4294 or e-mail nancyellen879@att.net

Mitzvah Opportunity

Donations are welcome to help underwrite this free weekly learning opportunity, which Beth Ahm offers to lifelong learners in the community regardless of religious affiliation.  Drop In & Learn has been running for 9 years and is still going strong. New participants are always welcome.

For more information or questions about Drop In & Learn, contact Nancy Kaplan at 248-737-1931 or nancyellen879@att.net.