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Book Notes

Some thoughts by Rabbi Rubenstein on the books he’s reading with suggestions to add to your reading list.
July 2018 – The Betrayers
December 2017 – I’m Not White, I’m Jewish
February 2017 – Meir Shalev’s Two She-Bears
February 2017 – Anita Shapira’s Ben Gurion: Father of Modern Israel
March 2016 – Etgar Keret’s The Seven Good Years: A Memoir
April 2016 – John Clayton’s Many Seconds into the Future
June 2016 – Jon Levenson’s Inheriting Abraham
November 2016 – Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ Between the World and Me

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A Time To Mourn
A Time To Mourn is a guide to Jewish traditions surrounding death, burial, and mourning.  Whether you are experiencing this aspect of your lifecycle currently, or are simply interested in learning more, A Time to Mourn is a helpful place to begin.  If you have any questions about these traditions, you are invited to please contact Rabbi Rubenstein at ravsteven@cbahm.org or 248-851-6880.