Rise of the Rabbis

Rise of the Rabbi's

Rise of the Rabbis from Hebrew College
Blended Online and In-Person Learning at Beth Ahm

Starts in August

Join us on a journey through one of the most transformational periods in Judaism.
Examine the discourse of the classical rabbis and uncover how Talmudic argument and biblical interpretation shapes contemporary Jewish thought and practice.

Immerse yourself in the core texts that form the basis of Jewish beliefs, practice, and community today. Through engaging video lectures and probing discussion questions, you will tour through the diverse world of Jewish sects and varying religious practices that flourished in ancient Israel and Babylonia from the aftermath of the Bible to first century Judaism.

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How will this course work?
• This course contains 10 modules and we will work through the course one module per month from August-May.
• You can watch the videos at your convenience on your computer or other device.
• Rabbi Rubenstein will lead an online session on the 2nd Thursday of each month
to review the first part of each module.
• Rabbi Rubenstein will meet with students after Shabbat services once per month
to build upon on the material from that month’s learning.

This project is being underwritten by Beth Ahm’s Thumin Fund for Jewish Education.
Tuition for Beth Ahm members is $36. Non-member tuition is $50.

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For additional information,
contact Rabbi Rubenstein at 248-851-6880 or ravsteven@cbahm.org