Youth & Family Programming

With a focus on youth and younger families, Beth Ahm offers programs throughout the year that connect families to other families while helping them enhance their Jewish identies.  Ourzoo_1b family programming has a social emphasis yet is focused on Jewish rituals and holidays.  Examples include:

Family camp: This weekend getaway, allows families to enjoy quality time together in a setting that combines the beauty of nature and the atmosphere of Shabbat.

Purim: The festive spirit of the holiday is enjoyed by all through a family oriented Megillah experience followed by games, music, and activities of the Purim carnival.

Hanukkah: The memory of lighting the menorah will 200 other people is one that will last a lifetime.  Our Hanukkah party includes menorah lighting, crafts and activities, and a latke experience you don’t want to miss.zoo_1

Shabbat:  Whether it be Shabbat dinner or a Havdallah event, the Shabbat offerings throughout the year are a highlight of the week.

Mitzvah Kids: Our social action focused group for youth ages 10-14, allows kids to develop relationships with other Jewish youth and help others in the community.

To learn more about Beth Ahm’s family programming or to be involved in the Jewish Family Education committee, contact Elissa Berg at